Where to Find Us:

Columbia School of Broadcasting

Dream 2 Destiny Film School

1819 L Street, NW

Suite 100

Washington, DC 20036


(202) 274-0093 - Phone


Application Process

In order to be considered for acceptance to the Columbia School of Broadcasting – Dream 2 Destiny Film School you must successfully complete the following:

  1. Admissions Application (Background and Information)
  2. Interview (In person or Phone)
  3. Audition
  4. Entry Exam

Please Note: All radio courses, with the exception of “Radio Internet Broadcasting” can be taken online. All other courses require students to be on the campus in Vienna, Virginia.

General Requirements:

Once all four (4) of the Admissions requirements above have been completed and upon acceptance by CSB-D2D to the school, applicants will be called back for an Orientation date.

Vocal auditions are required for candidates wishing to take Radio Announcing courses. Waivers will be granted to students who do not wish to pursue a career in announcing but who wish to pursue a technical career in radio production.

Applicants must have a high school diploma or evidence of successful completion of a GED to qualify for a diploma from the Columbia School of Broadcasting.

Columbia School of Broadcasting allows high school students less than eighteen (18) years of age who are within twelve (12) months of graduating to enter the program provided the student has parental and guidance counselor written permissions. High school students who complete CSB training prior to graduating from high school will be granted their CSB diploma upon proof of graduating from high school or successful completion of a GED.