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About Us

Welcome to Columbia School of Broadcasting where Dream 2 Destiny brings a renewed vision for career training in broadcast radio, television, and entertainment media, by incorporating basic skill development with explorations in new media, both on-campus or online.


The Columbia School of Broadcasting-Dream 2 Destiny Film School provides a caring environment for students to achieve excellence in broadcast and entertainment media by building a foundation in professional skills and creative explorations in new media.


Columbia School of Broadcasting was founded in 1964 in Hollywood, California. It has over 26,000 alumni around the globe in the field of broadcasting. The Columbia School began enrolling students in the greater Washington, DC area in January 1977. Since then, many of its graduates have gone on to work in radio and television stations in the DC area, various parts of the United States, as well as abroad. 

The history of teaching for innovation in the broadcast field expanded in 1999 when the Columbia School of Broadcasting (CSB) became one of the first schools in the nation to offer a course in Radio Internet Broadcasting. We continue to ensure that students will acquire the skills relevant to the modern age of communications by enhancing our faculty and improving our curriculum, even as we continue to offer the required basic skills.  

Dream 2 Destiny Productions, LLC acquired CSB in May 2012. Dream 2 Destiny (D2D) continues the CSB legacy of innovation by introducing its WCSB internet radio, D2D television, and Dream 2 Destiny Films. By, 2013 it will add the Dream 2 Destiny Film School, offering a full spectrum of media and communications options to inspire a new generation of broadcasters, new media producers, and filmmakers.

D2D was originally established in 2002 by producer, and writer, Kevin Williams. Mr. Williams now also serves as the Chairman/CEO of Columbia School of Broadcasting-Dream 2 Destiny Film School. Frank Simeon is the Senior Vice President of D2D Films who has 30 year experience in the film industry. Mr. Simeon has also worked with film directors such as Francis Ford Coppola on Apocalypse Now and George Lucas on Star Wars III. Mr. Simeon’s other film credits include The Hulk and X-Men III.